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Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

Dec 20, 2022

While Saving Elephants is targeted to younger Americans, more and more Millennials cannot be counted among “the kids these days”.  Today’s college students belong to Gen Z, and they are coming of age in one of the most turbulent political shifts and ideological realignments over the past half century.  What are conservatives to make of this next generation?  What challenges and opportunities do they present?  Joining Josh to delve into this and more is Scott Howard, Gen Z representative and student at the University of Florida who possesses a remarkably Reaganite approach to politics in spite of his young age.


Josh and Scott discuss whether Gen Z is truly more woke than older generations, what's it like being a conservative on campus, the challenges “conservative” organizations like TPUSA and spokespeople like Charlie Kirk present to those who believe conservatism is about more than spreading liberal tears, the influence of nationalist populism among the young, and whether DeSantis is a viable alternative for the Trump-skeptical Republican.


About Scott Howard


Originally hailing from South Dakota, Scott Howard is a political science major at the University of Florida.  He’s a contributor to Lone Conservative, guest contributor to National Review, and writes his own newsletter The Conservative Muse.


You can follow Scott on Twitter @ConservaMuse