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Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

Jul 19, 2022

Matthew Continetti’s new book The Right: The Hundred-Year War for American Conservatism has instigated a vigorous conversation around the best way to understand the historical phenomenon of modern conservatism in the United States.  Returning guest Avi Woolf joins Josh for a discussion on what Continetti’s depiction gets right and not-so-right about American conservatism, what has conservatism conserved, and what ought conservatism to conserve in the future.


About Avi Woolf


Avi Woolf is a writer, editor, translator, and podcaster whose work has been published in Arc Digital, Commentary, National Review, The Bulwark, Ordinary Times, and The Dispatch.  He is chief editor of the online Medium publication Conservative Pathways, and he—in his words—"hopes to help forge a path for a conservatism which is relevant for the 21st century while not abandoning the best of past wisdom.”


Avi has been a guest on the show several times prior: the first in which he explored the need for conservatism to find a way to appeal to people who live in urban areas in Episode 26 – Urban Conservatism, the second in which he mulled over the love/hate relationship the Right has long had with institutions of higher education in Episode 49 – God and the Speechless at Yale, and, finally, where he considered what is America and what does it mean to be an American in Episode 87 – E Pluribus Unum with Avi Woolf.


Avi hosts his own podcast entitled Avi’s Conversational Corner, a podcast on culture, history, and politics in a broad perspective. You can find Avi on Twitter @AviWoolf


Introducing the Are We Right? Podcast


If you like Saving Elephants you’ll love the new podcast Are We Right? featuring Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis along with three other co-hosts: Cal Davenport, Brooke Medina, and Calvin Moore. Cal, Josh Brooke, and Calvin debate a wide range of topics from politics to religion to culture and invite the audience to weigh in on whether or not they’re right. You can find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen, find us on Twitter @ TheAWRPodcast, and email us at