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Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

Jun 6, 2023

Among the very-online, relatively young, and mostly male cohorts of the Right is a movement growing in popularity and intensity that valorizes the very excesses the Left criticizes as toxic masculinity.  This movement, promulgated by the likes of Bronze Age Pervert and Mencius Moldbug and defended or even praised by a surprising array of mainstream conservative outlets, has captured the attention of many a young man yearning for a deeper sense of purpose and pursuits in an age of secular materialism and Leftist wokism.


In this episode Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis is joined by National Review Online submissions editor Jack Butler who contends that the West’s spiritual vacuum has made it possible for pre-Christian paganism to gain a foothold in the culture and that a return to an authentic faith is the only plausible means of combatting this worrisome trend.


About Jack Butler

Jack Butler is a researcher, editor, and writer who currently works as submissions editor at National Review Online.  Jack is a media fellow for the Institute for Human Ecology, and a Robert Novak Journalism Fellow at the Fund for American Studies.  He was the original producer of The Remnant podcast with Jonah Goldberg and host of the Young Americans podcast.  Jack is an alumnus of Hillsdale College and a graduate of St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, his hometown.  He is also an avid long-distance runner.  You can follow Jack on Twitter @jackbutler4815.