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Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

Sep 20, 2022

With the end of Roe, the pro-life movement scores a major victory in the fight to protect the life of the unborn.  But does this victory signify the end or is it merely the beginning of a new set of challenges and uncertainty in a world that doesn’t always embrace life?  Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis is joined by Kimberly Ross to discuss what a post-Roe world looks like for the pro-life movement and where to go from here.


About Kimberly Ross

Kimberly Ross is a freelance conservative writer. Her work regularly appears in The Washington Examiner, both online and the print magazine, and The Mirror magazine, a monthly publication from Aid to the Church in Need. Her archive of published work can be found at RedState, Arc Digital, The Bulwark, Rare, and USA Today. 


As a mother of two and self-described "first wave feminist", she is most passionate about the rights of children, women, and the issue of abortion. She considers herself an independent conservative (not to be confused with conservative independent), and is beholden to no politician. 


Kimberly has a B.A. in history with graduate work in political science. You can follow Kimberly on Twitter @southernkeeks